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Some new things in the works, and I’m starting things off with a move… will take the place of

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I’m also doing some changes in terms of how I work with copywriting clients.

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Today I went to my first ever football game, with my brother who sort of dragged me along.

And it was actual football, the kind where the ball actually gets kicked, and where the football is shaped like an actual ball.

It wasn’t an entirely positive experience in the sense of maximum enjoyment (it was cold, it was raining, and it was windy, we left our jackets at home, and we lost three to one).

But there were some interesting observations to be made.

When it comes to marketing, we talk a lot about building tribes.

And what’s interesting is how all tribes behave more or less the same.

80/20 certainly applies. Out of all football fans, I can imagine people who regularly go to watch games, live, are among the 20 percent.

If we take good ol’ uncle Pareto’s principle within those 20 percent, 80% are people who go, perhaps with their family and friends, for a good time. The 20% are the rabid fans, the true supporters, and the hooligans.

I don’t know the accuracy of the above numbers. But I don’t think I’m very far off.

Glenn Livingston figured this out in marketing… and realized that 5% of your customers drive half of your profits.

Yes, really.

If you’ve been in business for more than a couple of years, and you analyze your sales and crunch the numbers, you’ll see the same phenomenon.

Those 5% are your biggest asset in business, and you should treat them accordingly.

You should also constantly provide enough value to everyone else, and you’ll get more people move over into that segment we like to call “hyper-responsive”.

When I send these emails, a certain percentage of people reply back and thank me. Maybe I provided an insight, a perspective they hadn’t thought of. Maybe they achieved a biz breakthrough because of me. Which is amazing.

What’s interesting about advice is, that when you give it away, you don’t have less of it.

Another percentage of people unsubscribe.

A small percentage of people take out all their goo-roo hate on me, and accuse me of spamming their inbox and being a fake phoney baloney marketer.

When you think in these terms, it’s very easy to identify your top 20% and your bottom 20%.

(the top 20% of customers drive 80% of profits – the bottom 20% cause 80% of your problems)

This is why I say it’s simply not worth your time convincing anyone of anything. Better to spend that time giving more value to your top 20%, and try to get the middle up to the top.

I’m absolutely not saying to look at your audience as a bunch of numbers and statistics… but the numbers absolutely have their place, and they help you figure out where you need to go next.

When someone sends me a compliment or a sincere question, they typically receive a very sincere response.

When someone just gripes, sometimes I send an apology if I’m in a good mood, otherwise I ignore them and just hit their unsubscribe link for them.

In marketing, like football, you need big balls. (and I don’t care about your gender)

Though, in marketing, they oughtta be made of steel.

I thought of… probably at least a dozen parallels that could be drawn between the game of football, and the game of marketing.

This little post describes one. The rest… another time. Maybe.

(the following sentences are intentionally vague on purpose – more info soon)

In my own biz, I feel it’s time to shake some things up. Changes comin’. And more simplifications. Cutting down projects from half a dozen to one or two.

And – where you might be concerned – a few new slots have opened for client work. Might start doing that differently too – deeper. More details tomorrow, or in the coming week.

I hope your Monday has treated you well…

Now go kick some balls.


Fascinating video isn’t it? Really makes you think.

Makes you realize a few things.

Like how, in the grand scheme of things, everything you will ever accomplish is ultimately insignificant.

Everything that ever happened on planet earth, or anywhere else, is ultimately insignificant.

So I hereby give you permission to do whatever the hell you like.

Change the world, build a great business, become a master writer… or perhaps a painter, or a skateboarder or a trapeze acrobat.

Or sit on the couch, watch some more TV, go back to your job. See how much you can deliberately annoy your boss before getting fired.

It’s all the same, really.

One option is a lot harder. It also comes with significantly more fulfillment, and lets you enjoy your life in a whole other dimension.

I got turned onto this video via Peter Spaepen’s private membership site this morning.

And guys, it’s a must-watch.

And oh – you should subscribe to Joe’s podcast. It kicks butt.